Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hot Hot Hot Protein Drinks

Here in Michigan we just got a forecast of snow flurries for tomorrow. So far I'm still in denial and don't plan to let those bad weathermen get me down. I'd be perfectly happy if we could rewind and go back to April and start spring over again. But alas, winter is just around the corner. Which means HOT drinks are on the menu. And I've got a bunch of options for those looking for something a little hot for their protein drink.

Protein Hot Chai Tea
This remains one of my favorites of all time. I still drink it regularly... yes, 3 years later and I still love it. What's great is you can drink it all different ways, not just hot. It's great served over ice or made into protein ice cream. Yum!

Protein Hot Cocoa
When you need a chocolate fix, this is perfect! I love the extra chocolatey version of using the packet of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa in addition to the scoop of chocolate protein powder. This is also great if you add a splash of caramel SF syrup and a dash of salt for a salted caramel hot cocoa. Mmm...

Vanilla Caramel Protein Hot Tea
My friend Kristy didn't like the chai tea recipe above so much. So she invented an alternative. Then I converted her concoction to a big batch recipe. This is my second favorite hot protein drink, I think. It's so smooth and silky with a yummy aroma that just makes you feel all cozy. You must try this!

Caramel Apple Protein Cider
If you're like me and want to hold on to fall for as long as possible, then this drink is for you! Nothing says autumn like apple cider and this version is so delicious. I love the hint of cinnamon and that smooth caramel tone in the background. Delicious!

Protein Coffee
I saved the best for last - coffee! If you're a regular reader of this blog you know that I have a love / hate relationship with coffee (more love than hate). I've got a few variations of coffee recipes here. The Keurig Protein Coffee version. The regular old coffee maker type of protein coffee. And don't forget the iced protein coffee too. And then there's the non-protein version that is the homemade vanilla latte that I love so much.  BUT, don't forget that too much coffee is a bad thing for calcium and iron absorption. So I have to limit my intake of caffeine and sometimes have to switch to decaf if I want a second or third coffee helping later in the day.

Enjoy some of my favorite hot protein drinks. And stay warm!


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  1. Thank you for these great ideas! They're just what I was looking for. :)


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