Thursday, December 27, 2007

Protein Hot Cocoa

A favorite of many.... and hits the spot when you need a chocolate hit!

Protein Hot Cocoa

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I use Body Fortress)
1 envelope Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa mix
1 splash of milk or SF flavored creamer
8-10oz hot water

Add protein powder, hot cocoa mix and milk or creamer to a mug. Mix this into a thick, smooth paste with no lumps. Add a splash of water if you need a bit more moisture. Then slowly add a bit of hot water... stir like crazy... add a bit more water.... stir some more... continue the process of stirring while slowly adding the hot water until you've got a full mug of frothy goodness. This process is essential as it eliminates the possibility of lumpy protein.

Add a dollop of whippage (whipped cream) for a bit of indulgence - the 20 extra calories is worth the splurge!

This comes out frothy and delicious and tastes just like my normal homemade hot cocoa. It's very soothing as a snack just before bed.


  1. That rocks! Thanks! I have chocolate protein powder, but I never use it. Now I have a use!

  2. This will come in handy for these cold winter nights!

  3. How hot should the water be? Boiling? Looks so good...going to try it soon!

  4. Babs -- I usually heat the water in my tea kettle on the stove. So it's boiling. But you can do it just coffee-pot-hot if you want. Whatever you do is going to be fine as long as you use the method I outline in the post to create a paste and then slowly add the hot water. Enjoy!

  5. Just tried it! So yummy. The only thing we did different is mix it in our Magic Bullet Mixer


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