Monday, August 16, 2010

I Bought a Nook

OMG!! I'm so excited!

After months of hemming and hawing over which ereader to buy ... I finally took the plunge tonight and bought a Nook from Barnes & Noble. It's charging right now and I'm reading the manual so I haven't even had a chance to read much on it yet.

But I wanted to share my news and see if any of you have the Nook too? How do you like it? What are you reading right now?


Remember a few months ago when I was contemplating between the Kindle and the Sony eReader? Yeah.... the Barnes & Noble Nook wasn't even on my radar back then. But once I started looking deeper into the comparison of all the different devices, the Nook seemed to rise to the top.

I started out here -- eReader Wiki Comparison Chart -- and then went to YouTube and watched a million videos. It didn't take long before I eliminated the Kindle from the running and it was a dead heat betwen the Sony and the Nook.

I went to Best Buy and did the whole "touch and feel" test with both devices and I really liked how responsive the Nook was over the touch version of the Sony eReader. I also liked that the Nook had a web browser and games and could pull down RSS feeds plus I can borrow free ebooks from the local library. I can also listen to audiobooks or music with the Nook, so that was a huge bonus too! And when I'm in a B&N store (which is often) I can read books for free - 1 hour per day - while in the store. Plus you can loan books to friends (or receive loan requests from your friends - hint-hint-hint). And I've already downloaded the Nook eReader for my computer and can access any of my BN library books there too. (Can you tell I'm excited?)

I liked that I could also choose between the wi-fi only version or the wi-fi & 3G version. Since I have plans to upgrade my smartphone soon - probably getting the Samsung Epic from Sprint which has the ability to become it's own wi-fi hotspot - I decided I didn't need 3G connection (which was $50 more).

So here's what I got:

Barnes & Noble Nook - Wi-Fi
Jonathan Adler Quote Case (so cool - but I'm not 100% sure I'm going to keep this one, I'd love it if it were available in pink!)

Here's what's already on my wish list:

Pink Tranquility - decal for back and front with matching screensaver

Light - gotta have a light so I can read in the dark

eBooks, of course -- need to check my library (Overdrive eBooks) and Kobo and keep browsing B&N. I bet there are a ton of WLS books for the Nook, just like there is for the Kindle (Kindle WLS Books in my Shop).

Ok, I'll stop now. I'm sure you'll hear plenty more about my new toy.



  1. I love my nook! I'm currently readying Good Calories, Bad Calories, which doesn't seem to be available as an eBook anymore. Weird.

  2. @BG - I've looked at that book a dozen times in the bookstore. I'll have to see if I can track it down on ebook somewhere (maybe a library?). So far I'm loving my Nook too and I haven't even had it for 24 hours yet! :-)

  3. I love my Nook! I've had it or a couple of months now and never leave home without it! I bought it for all those same reasons, plus I could still read all the eBooks I already had that i read on my PalmPilot. They've just come out with a Nook reader app for my Droid phone so now I can continue to read my current book. Having it on my phone means one less gizmo to have to carry all the time!

    Come over to Nookboards for lots of info about the Nook.

  4. @Dee -- you're such a geek. No wonder I love you so much - we're twins! Thanks for the link to the forum, I think I stumbled across that site in my searching for stuff but didn't stay long enough to explore the forums. I'll check 'em out.

  5. So excited to find this! You have sold me on the Nook! My dh is buying it for me next week for my bday. I have had to go "visit" it twice and B&N...can't wait to get it in my hands :)

  6. @Charlene - Ooo... you're going to LOVE the Nook. I can't believe how much more I'm reading now that I have it. It's so easy to carry dozens of books around with me now.

    Also - I checked out your website. I LOVE all the beautiful eye candy designs. What a fun blog!

    Happy Birthday!


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