Sunday, November 13, 2011

4 Year Anniversary

Today is November 13th -- exactly four years since my weight loss surgery.  How time flies!

What I have found interesting in the past year is that life is just moving along and I'm not as focused on WLS as I was in the beginning. Right after you have surgery you think that your entire life is going to revolve around this new lifestyle and all the changes in eating and moving and the mental work ... but then one day you wake up and realize that you're just living your life and WLS isn't the first thing on your mind every day.

As my faithful readers have probably noticed in the past several months - my blog posts aren't always about WLS. It's about food I'm eating or favorite recipes I've invented or just what's happening in my life. But that's okay with me. I like where my life is right now and I'm glad that WLS isn't at the front of every thought I have.

Today I'm actually at a conference and sneaking in a post between sessions so I'll write some more another day. In a few weeks I have a day of doctor appointments lined up for my annual check up and having all my annual lab work drawn. After those appointments would be a good time for a full blown update on my 4 year anniversary, so look for that early next month.

But just a quick overview of my stats:

Weight - I'm still maintaining my initial weight loss of just over 100 pounds. I started at 299lbs and now maintain a constant weight of about 193 to 199. As always my crazy body doesn't let me lose anything more and I don't seem to gain if I'm misbehaving. I'm not normal. I've come to accept that fate. Even though I would love to lose another 40 pounds, I have come to accept that this is the weight my body wants to be.

Eating - It's all routine these days. I don't track my calories regularly but I still have a good sense of the amount I eat (about 1200-1400 calories/day).

Exercise - I probably need to move more and get away from the computer more often. I get most of my exercise from daily activity rather than focused workout times. But in wearing my GoWearFit, I know how many calories I burn and I eat below that that level.

Vitamins - I should do better in getting every one of my vitamin doses in throughout the day. My biggest problem is remembering that final afternoon calcium dose. Everything else is routine.

Thank you to every one of my readers for all your support and encouragement. You all mean so much to me!



  1. Our life after wls is about normalcy and your living life teaches us other wlsers just that; food and drink- proteins and water;and vitamins throughout the day are our goals. We,as you are you are only human and this new way of trying to live is a lifestyle for every day. Your blog helps us realize that. Thank you for inspiring others by being human and normal!

  2. appreciate your sharing your journey with us.


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