Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Protein Coffee

Have I blogged about this already? I can't remember. But lately I've been really digging protein coffee. Basically just regular old coffee with a scoop of protein mixed in. Over the weekend I had two mugs a day. I even made a mug of it yesterday at work and plan to have another this afternoon.

A few months ago after my grandfather passed away we were going through some things in the house that needed to be put into the yard sale. One of the things was his new coffee maker that he'd gotten for the previous Christmas. It's the Keurig single-cup coffee maker. So I offered to buy it on the spot and gave my grandmother the cash. Ok... I know it's strange to love an appliance, but seriously you guys, this thing is amazing. I love my coffee maker! 

So to share my love of my coffee maker and my joy of having a comforting mug of protein coffee.... I thought I'd share with you my "recipe" for making protein coffee.

Protein Coffee

  • 1 scoop protein powder (usually vanilla, but chocolate works for a mocha flavor)
  • 2 squirts SF flavored syrup (I usually use Torani SF Vanilla)
  • 1/4 cup milk

In a mug, mix the above ingredient until you form a thick and smooth paste out of the protein powder. Mix carefully so there are no lumps left.

Adding the Coffee --- If you have a single-cup coffeemaker like I do, just turn it on and let the coffee pour in - mixing while it brews. If you have a normal coffeemaker, then add a bit of hot coffee to the mug and mix thoroughly, then add a bit more coffee, mix, etc. They key to a smooth cup of coffee is the constant mixing and slow addition of the hot liquid to the protein powder paste.

Because of all the mixing and starting out with cold liquid it's usually not hot enough for me. So I put the mug into the microwave for about 20 seconds to give it a bit of heat.



  1. Thank you for the idea of protein coffee. It has been my savior to getting protein in the morning.

    You have great ideas and suggestion.

    Thanks for your website/blogs.

  2. "In the beginning," meaning soon after my RNY, I was on the road a bit. So I took the protein coffee thing a step further. I created a travel box that had a container of my protein powder, a container of powdered milk, a travel mug, and a plastic container for mixing. When I would stop for a break, I'd buy a cup of decaf, then at my car mix the protein powder, a bit of powdered milk, and the coffee. I also got a sample bottle of sf DaVinci's syrup that I refilled before a trip so I could change up the flavors now and again. When I was able to eat super mushed up tuna, I added a couple of those foil packets of tuna to my travel box so I knew I would always have some extra protein when I stopped somewhere.

    This was a life saver when I was fresh out of surgery and still making my way to the full on bariatric diet.

  3. I just tried protien coffee and I think I'm hooked

  4. I love my morning protein coffee cup! Makes me feel like I'm starting my day out correct with like 25 g of protein and a hot cup of coffee all in one! I will try it with the keurig tomorrow! THANK YOU! Since our regular coffeemaker died, the keurig is all we have so... gonna make it work! Thank you for sharing your method!


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