Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Typical Sunday

Good morning blogging world!  I'm just beginning my Sunday and wondered if you'd like a peek into my world today. C'mon along and see what a typical Sunday looks like in Pam's world. Remember the last time I did this? Oh My!

So far on the task list is:
  • Breakfast
  • Church
  • Grocery Store
  • Goodwill drop off
  • Lots of homework
  • Some books edits
  • Cooking lunches for the week
  • Finding lunch and dinner for today
  • Sort vitamins
  • A walk (after I find my GoWear Fit / BodyMedia Fit)
  • And some other super exciting stuff
I'll be updating throughout the day with pics and stuff so come back often...

8:00 am - coffee and Android play. Download a few new apps, check email, read task list and mark off stuff that's done. Look at agenda and plan the day's tasks (whoa! there's a lot!). Look at my own Recipe Index because I can't decide what to make for lunches this week. I'm leaning toward Taco Skillet or maybe finding something new to try.

9:30 am -- I ate my last Banana Oat Muffin for breakfast this morning. I bought more bananas a few days ago to let them sit out and get brown .... looks like they're ready for their big moment. I'll be making another double batch of the muffins this afternoon for breakfasts over the next couple weeks. I love these things!

9:45 am -- Pam's brilliant idea of documenting her day pops into her head and she jumps on board with the craziness of the project. Sure, there's nothing else to do today, might as well do this, right?

10:00 am -- Shower, hair, make-up, get dressed for church (No, I'm not going to take pictures of all that, you pervs!)

IMAG005312:30 pm - church service was awesome this morning. The lesson I am taking away today is: "when Jesus goes fishing He catches the fish then cleans them, He doesn't expect the fish to already be cleaned and perfect before he brings them out of the water."

12:44 pm - heading out to run some errands. Gotta hit Goodwill, the grocery store and the mall. Will probably get lunch while I'm out too.

2:00 pm - Since I was in the area, I hit the Food Court at the mall for lunch. There's this Asian place that sells chicken teriyaki with mixed veggies and it's one of my favorite spots to eat when I'm out and about. I skip the rice or noodles and just get double vegetables and the chicken is grilled fresh on the flattop grill while you wait. Yum!

3:30 pm - Got a call from my friend Kelly. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Her mother just had a stroke and she's on her way to the hospital right now.

4:00 pm - Finished up my errands. I dropped off 3 bags of clothes and stuff at Goodwill and then had to stop inside the store to see if there was anything I couldn't live without (found 2 blouses). Grabbed some groceries at Walmart and will be making Taco Skillet for dinner tonight and then packing that up for lunches the rest of the week. I also stopped at the Eyebrow Stop for a much-needed eyebrow threading session. Now I'm home and I'm about to tackle the to-do list for what I need to get done for homework this week.

4:30 pm - Heading out for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Then I'm going to dig out my patio furniture, clean it up and sit my butt in the chair while I read Chapters 1, 2 and 3 for one of my classes this week.

Oh my stars! It is absolutely gorgeous outside! The sun is bright and it's up to 70 degrees. I'm so excited for spring's arrival... it's taken way too long to get here this year. I know all you southern readers are scratching your heads wondering why I'm making such a fuss about it - but my Michigan friends understand. :-)

No, I didn't go for a walk yet. Thinking of doing that after dinner instead. And if you look at the picture of my flower pots - just ignore all the crappy lawn stuff you see. I am in desperate need of some yard work but that'll have to wait until after .... well, just after.

6:45 pm - After spending a couple hours outside reading I figured I better get some dinner going, so I started the hamburger browning. Once dinner is finished, I'm about to tackle some more homework. This time it's sketching out my ideas for a energy drink label redesign. I bought some Red Bull at the convenient store this afternoon and was shocked at the price! It cost $8 for a case of 4 cans!! Seriously? people pay those prices for cans of sugar and caffeine? But I needed the cans so I can affix new labels to them, take some pictures and do an advertising campaign with the new design. Oh the sacrifices I make for my education.

7:15 pm - Taco Skillet is smelling delicious! What I love about this recipe is that it's so fast! But I forgot to buy a head of iceberg lettuce. Yes, I know.... crazy that I am using iceberg since I'm such a lettuce snob. But I like to slice it thin so you have shredded lettuce, then use it as a bed for the taco stuff and then top it with cheddar cheese. Oops! I also forgot to buy cheese. Sheesh! So tonight I'll just have it plain without the lettuce or cheese, I suppose. I'll have to stop and pick up those things tomorrow after work.

7:30 pm - Yum!

9:00 pm - Just got back from a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. It was a nice brisk walk to enjoy the warm night air. Have I mentioned how happy spring makes me?

I noticed there are a lot of changes going on in my neighborhood. Old houses being torn down with lots of vacant lots between nicer homes. And it also looks like there are a lot of houses up for sale or just vacant with no for-sale signs evident. I guess I didn't realize all this was going on and not sure how long it's been like this without my noticing. Granted, last summer I didn't do a lot of walking in my neighborhood like I did tonight, so it might be a trend that's been happening for a while. Hopefully new homes will start filling in the vacant spots and new families will move in to the vacant homes. I did notice lots of spring cleaning and yard work going on though. Guess I should get with the program, huh?

I haven't gotten as much homework done as I needed to today. I still need to get my vitamins organized and sorted so I have stuff to take tomorrow. And I still need to do at least one load of laundry and get the dishwasher loaded too. Will probably just curl up on the couch later with my textbook and do some sketching for the personal identity project I have to work on yet. I can already tell that this semester is going to kick my butt and we've only had one week of classes so far.

10:00 pm -- The vitamins are sorted for 3 weeks now! I've even got my daily pill box loaded up for tomorrow. If you're interested in more detail about how I organize my vitamins, you can see this post about My Vitamin Organization System.


10:30 pm - I've still got a few things to deal with before I head to bed in about an hour.

I've cleaned up the kitchen and the dishwasher is going. I never did get around to making a batch of Banana Oat Muffins today so I'll have to come up with an alternate breakfast for tomorrow. Will probably make those muffins tomorrow after work since the bananas need to be used in the next day or two anyway.

The laundry is going and I'll finish that up before I head to bed. My closet situation is still bad and I need to hang up a bunch of clothes that have taken up residency on the ironing board. But at least I'll have clean underwear for tomorrow, right?

I still have lots on the task list for school projects to be finished before I have class on Tuesday night. So guess what I'll be doing tomorrow. :-)

But tonight I'm going to read at least one more chapter before I head to bed. I'm going to do it while enjoying my bedtime snack of fresh strawberries and chocolate pudding (they're waiting in the fridge for me).

Even though today was jam-packed with stuff and I was busy the whole day. This was actually a relaxing day for me. Very low stress and no pressure from people demanding my time. My mom called a few times with computer questions, which is normal, but otherwise, nobody asked me to do anything except myself. The rest of the week won't be so leisurely, I'm sure.

I'll likely be in bed around midnight tonight. But you won't hear from me again since I'm shutting down the computer for now. Let me know what you thought of my crazy day, if you want.

Good night!


  1. I have my surgery tomorrow morning. Thanks for your posts!! I shall enjoy them even better shortly!!

  2. stole your 'lesson learned' for today. Thanks!

  3. Your energy makes me tired!!! . .lol
    I am loving the muffin recipe so much. Each week I add something different to the mix and it is now a staple for me . . love love that I can have something with "oat flour" and it isn't "real flour"!!


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