Wednesday, April 06, 2011

On my Nook

It has been a while since I've had time to just sit down and read a book for pleasure. And technically I don't really have time for that right now either. I'm in the final days of editing and formatting of the Journey to a Healthier Me book and the new semester of school is starting this week. BUT - the very fact that I'm so busy right now is the exact reason I'm pulling out my Nook and loading up a new book. If I don't have something that allows me to relax and unplug for a little while, I may just go insane after all. 

I actually have TWO books on the short list for my reading pleasure. And I'm actually embarrassed, as a die-hard Nora Roberts fan, to admit that I'm actually behind in my reading of her books. Seriously, I love that woman! I even traveled 6 hours to attend a book signing of hers once. I devour her books and usually more than once. I'm totally hooked on the In Death series and love every one of them. But that is where I've fallen behind. The last two books are still on my "reading pile" (a pile of hard-copy books in my living room awaiting my attention). So I've decided to load up the ebook versions on the Nook and get caught up. 

J.D. Robb is a pseudonym for Nora Roberts. Back in the mid-1990's she wanted to branch off the romance circuit and try something new. Plus, since she is such a fast writer, her publisher couldn't publish her books as fast as she was writing... so they needed a new name and a new avenue for getting her books out. J.D. Robb was born (J.D. stands for her two sons' names - Jason and Dan. 

If you haven't experienced the J.D. Robb books in the In-Death series, you're definitely missing out! It's a series of 32 primary books and about 9 other novella books that are included in anthologies with other writers. Typically the smaller novellas are stand-alone stories that you can read anytime without interrupting the main storyline of the primary books. 

The primary book releases all have the same cast of characters - or build upon that original cast to introduce new main characters. As you read through each book in the series, you get to know the characters more and more as they come to life. 

Personally I'm in love with Roarke and would easily kill off Eve to have him for my very own. But Eve is a tough cookie, so I probably couldn't kill her very easily. Maybe they'll just let me live in their mansion and order meals from their auto-chef and go on vacation in the halo-room. That'd probably be fine too. 

If you want to start reading this amazing series of book, start at the beginning with Naked in Death. To see the whole list of books in the series in the order they were written, here's the reference list on Nora Roberts' website. 


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  1. I too love Nora Roberts. Roarke is the perfect man!


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