Monday, April 04, 2011

Hello Baltimore!

My friend Nikki called me tonight all excited because of her WLS Support Group meeting tonight. Apparently there were handouts and lots of chatter about this blog by "Pam Tremble" that had lots of resources and information for post-op patients. How exciting to have other support groups using my materials in meetings outside my immediate area.

So I'm sending out a special HELLO! to all my new friends in Baltimore. And yes, Nikki and I really are friends and we talk way too much every day and she really is coming to Michigan for a visit and she really is pimping my book as my "self-appointed marketing manager" -- so she's not just full of hot air. And if you haven't already checked out HER website, you should go do that now. Bariatric Foodie.

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I'm so glad you found me! Let me know if I can help you in any way at all.


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  1. Hey Pam! When Nik comes to Michigan, give me a holler! I'm in Saugatuck...we could go to the beach :) I would love to see you gals again!!


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