Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Vitamin Organization

Today I'd like to share some photos of my vitamins.  I know... exciting, right?  But really, I do get asked about this a lot and I feel as if I have a pretty good routine so figured I'd share it here.

Disclaimer:  I'm 2+ years out from surgery so the exact vitamin regime I use is not going to be the same that you use.    You should start with the base vitamin routine the ASMBS recommends, then add or subtract based on your own lab results.  No two people will be exactly the same.  Always check with your doctor before you add new supplements.

STORAGE -- I keep all my currently-open bottles of vitamins in a plastic bin. This represents the supplements that I'll be using to sort my doses into the pill organizers.  By keeping them all together it's easy to just open the drawer and pull out one thing.  I also tend to stock up on vitamins when they are on sale, I keep those in a separate bin in the same drawer.


REMEMBERING -- To make sure I don't miss anything I always print a fresh copy of my vitamin and medication schedule from the website -- it's a free website and it's a great help in keeping track of all the stuff you have to remember.  I keep this list next to me while I"m sorting to make sure I"m doing everything right.


THE BIG SORT -- I use a 7-day AM & PM pill organizer and it's got the push-button closure so it won't accidentally open if it's dropped. The brand I use is Ezy Dose - I got it them at Walmart, I think.  I have three sets.  And yes, I sort 3 weeks of vitamins at a time.  This is probably because I'm lazy...efficient ... and I got tired of going through this routine every week.  Since I've gone to the three week system I feel like it's almost automatic and not such a big deal all the time.


And here's a photo of all three weeks completely sorted and lined up for me.  It makes me happy to see it all done.


DAILY -- So the next big thing is my daily routine.  I don't carry these big organizers around with me - way too cumbersome.  Instead I have a mini, daily organizer that goes into my purse each morning (in fact, I usually get it loaded and into my purse the night before when I'm taking my bedtime vitamins).  This is also one of those Ezy Dose push button organizers.


Need help figuring out a system that'll work for you?  Here's a great website with hundreds of different pill organizers.  Forgetting the Pill

If you've got a routine that you'd like to share.  I'd love to hear about it.  Leave a comment or post your routine in your own blog and link to it here.  The more ideas we have, the better system we can develop together.



  1. I love your vitamin organizer process--and I'd like to talk to you about how you use to make the big sort easier. How can we talk outside of the public comments?

  2. @Donna - you can contact me via email by clicking on my profile (top right corner under my photo) - then there's a link there for my email addy.

  3. Great Post. Really it will help lot of people. Thanks for the post.


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