Sunday, June 27, 2010

Measuring Success

How do you measure success?
Do you let the scale tell you if you're a success or not?
Do you let clothing sizes determine your level of success?

Too often we forget that this WLS journey is not about a series of numbers - whether it's our weight or clothing sizes or the number of inches we've lost.  There is a whole list of measurements that play into our overall good health.  By looking at each one of these different things in our life, we can see if we are truly doing what's best for our body, our mind and our soul.

Download the Measuring My Success Checklist here.

This checklist is designed to be used on a weekly basis.  Each week you sit down with this checklist and record how well you did during the previous days and determine which things you need to work on for the following week.

Activity Level

  • Number of workouts this week
  • Level of intensity of those workouts
  • How active where you overall 
Nutrient & Caloric Intake
  • Was your eating on track at least 90% of the time?
  • Did you drink 64oz of water each day?
  • Did you take all your vitamins and supplements?
Size and Shape
  • Clothing - is it looser or tighter this week?
  • Measurements - did your lose or gain inches?
  • Weight - what'd the scale say?
Emotional and Spiritual Health
  • Did I work on the mental stuff this week?
  • Did I play this week?
  • Did I pamper myself?
Wow's and Challenges
  • What Wow Moments, triumphs or goals am I celebrating this week?
  • What challenges did I face this week?

My Success Score

  • Devise your own scoring method and rate your success for this week

This is the presentation I gave at my surgeon's support group meeting in June.  It's a great exercise for other support group leaders because it takes the focus off the numbers on the scale and helps us to realize that all areas of our life contributes to our overall good health. 


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