Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Big Book Project

This summer I'm taking on a big project that has been on my mind for a while now. I'm writing a book. Yikes!  I've talked about it before, but putting it here - as it's own big topic - seems to make it all very real. And the fact that I've got a handwritten outline started... yeah, even more real.  And just a little bit on the scary side.

What's this book all about anyway?

The good thing is that most of this book project is already written. Except a lot of the stuff that's already written was mostly written "on the fly" in response to a forum question or some random thought in my head..... so all the stuff needs to be re-written and word-smithed a bit, of course. I'll be pulling several things together that are already here, such as pieces from the following:

Right now the idea is to do TWO books, actually.  One will cover all the stuff that relates to our altered body after WLS and the other will cover all the mental stuff we deal with while changing our life after WLS.  Although I seem to think of it as just one project, so when I refer to this two-book project, I'll probably only call it one, since right now it's still only one in my mind even though I kind of feel like it needs to be two separate books.  We'll see how it plays out. 

So today is June 27th and I want to have a final draft by the end of August.  I'm excited for the opportunity!  But also nervous about making sure it ends up being what I want it to be - and if it comes out like I want it to, it's going to be awesome!  WooHoo!

Wish me luck!


  1. I can 't tell you how happy I am to read this! I've been reading your Protein Book since I began this journey, in fact I had it printed and spiral bound so I could keep it nearby for reference all the time. To have your knowledge, dedication and caring officially publicized will indeed be Awesome! Put me down for an autographed copy!


  2. Good luck! I'm sure it will be a great resource for all of us. I'm constantly referring people to your blog, so if they could just buy a book that would be a lot easier (plus, you'd get paid for all you do, which would be good.)

  3. Pam--as a fellow wordsmith and a recent RNY patient I can only say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generous wealth of wisdom and support and congratulations on your decision to 'make it real!' All along as I have been researching my new lifestyle I have kept coming back to your site over and over again and wondering--why hasn't she written a book!

    Pat Burgio WLS 7/19/10


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