Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Protein Book

UPDATED: The link below is easier to download! This version is newly updated and gets a "new" name. The book has evolved as I add more stuff to it. It's less about just protein and more about all aspects of being healthy after surgery. So the new name is "Pam's Collection of Surgery Stuff" -- ok, so it's not great, but at least it's more descriptive. ENJOY!


While I was researching WLS and gathering information I started to accumulate hundreds of files and recipes and a ton of information. Everytime I wanted to dig some bit of information up, I had to dig through all those files on my computer to find what I needed. I eventually took the time to print everything and put it together into a book for myself.

But once that book was in print, others saw it and wanted a copy too. I made several copies from all those dozens and dozens of files until I got lazy. I took some time and compiles all those individual files into a single huge file. I've always called it my "Protien Book" ... but it's grown into more than just protein. There's a section about calcium and about vitamin deficiencies and a ton of recipes. But now that it's all in a single file, it's easier to share it with people over the internet.

Of course this book isn't my original work (some parts are). It's a compilation of information I've found online in a hundred different places. I've tried to give credit to the sources where I could, so you'll find lots of website links inside the file that you can visit and dig deeper for yourself.

I have mine printed and keep it in a 3-ring binder. I keep several blank pages in the back where I can write notes or add more information or recipes. It's a great resource for me and I wanted to share it with you too.

I've finally figured out a way to host some files and have them available on my blog for folks to download their own copy. Here's the link:

Pam's Protein Recipe Book



  1. Wow Pam! This is great! What a wonderful resource. It is so open hearted and kind of you to share it! Thank you

  2. Pam, thanks so much for all of your helpful details and process. THIS IS AWSOME!! You have made some difficult seem possible.

    Thank you!

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  4. Pam, I can't seem to print off your protein book for the life of me. Can't download it either. I've tried both at home and work, no luck. Any ideas? It looks like a really wonderful resource and I would love to print out a copy. Thanks.

  5. hey folks ... Pam here. For those who are having problems downloading the file, I believe you have to first register with Scribd _ which is the site were I have the file hosted. Then you see the option to download the PDF file. If you are still having problems, drop me an amail and i'll try to help.

  6. What a wonderful resource. Thanks for all your work.


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