Wednesday, September 03, 2008

100 Ways

I've got another round of WoW moments to add to my list of "100 Ways" my life has changed since losing weight. BTW - I'm so glad I'm doing this list! I actually go back and read them from time to time and remember how far I've come. It's great therapy! 

51. I'm not hot! It's been a kind of hot summer, but I've realized this week that I haven't had to crank on the air conditioning every day, all day. All that extra fat was really make me sweaty and uncomfortable. Nowadays, an open window and a fan on low does the trick for me. 

52. I just want to go, go, go! I used to be a homebody - and I still am to some extent - but this summer I'm happiest when I'm out and about and doing stuff. Who wants to sit home when you have so much energy? 

53. New jeans! I bought a size 16 jeans last week! (Although I've been wearing 16 dress pants for a while now.) The ones I got are actually a little bit loose and if I could have found a size 14w I would have bought though. Do they even make 14w? 

54. Ok, this one might not be safe and I probably shouldn't say it out loud. When I drive I often tuck my left foot under my right leg on the seat (like half indian-style). And it's comfortable! 

55. Now that I've hit the 100-pound mark and told people about it... THEY are now telling other people how much I've lost. My boss told someone this yesterday, "Pam has lost 100 pounds, doesn't she look great?" Cool, huh? 

56. I wore my new swimsuit this past weekend. Sat out in front of people with a sheer skirt/wrap on and was completely comfortable in a bathing suit. My self confidence is getting better for sure. 

57. I crave exercise. If I go a day or two without walking, it feels wrong.. like something is off. But once I strape on the walking shoes and hit the road again, all is right with the world. Go figure! 

58. Although I mentioned this in another post... I'll mention again that I've lowered my cholesterol some more (total is now 120) and increased my good cholesterol (up to 50 now). Also lowered my body fat percentage (from 45% to 36%). I'm getting healthier and healthier every day! 

59. I'm not obsessed with the scale anymore. I can go the whole week between weigh-ins without hopping on the scale for a check in. And this week I almost forgot that it was Tuesday. 

60. I like cheese. Well, kinda. Before surgery I would never eat cold cheese and would always say that I only liked cheese if it was melted on pizza. But now it's pretty normal for me to eat a couple ounces of cheese everyday. I believe I'm becoming a sort of cheese snob though... I don't like the cheapy store brand, or even Kraft. Give me Sargento, please.

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