Friday, April 15, 2011

Hair Color Drama

Sometimes it is necessary to post crazy stuff that happens in my life. Like a screwed up hair coloring job. Everyone is saying they like the new darker color - but I'm not sure if they're just saying that because they're too shocked to tell me the truth. Right now I'm on the fence - I pretty much hated it last night and this morning, but I think it might be growing on me. However, I may still make an emergency trip to the beauty salon tomorrow for a quick fix of some sort. We'll see. 



  1. You know looking at the picture...i like it! I think it looks really good. But i know sometimes change is hard.

  2. It is a very pretty color. It is a "bam in your face" change. I think if you brought in a little of the lighter color as a low light it wouldn't be so shocking. My vote...pretty.

  3. Speaking as a hairstylist it is a tad dark. You could live with it a few weeks and it will lighten up on it's own. Color can only be lifted with bleach so lightening it all is almost impossible and very hard on your hair. If you find you can't live with it have them foil some lighter pieces through it and that will help alot.

  4. I love it! It looks awesome.... the darker shade provides more contrast and suits you!


  5. I LOVE the darker color! It looks very 'youthful'! And isn't that what we're all going for?! Looking good, girl!


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