Sunday, February 03, 2013

Focused on Protein

In the past couple weeks I've really been focusing on protein, protein, protein! After my lab results showed low prealbumin and after getting guidance from my nutritionist, I've been trying to get at a minimum 100 grams of protein per day. I'll have labs drawn again in about 2 months to recheck these levels (and the other tests that are of concern), so I want to make sure I'm hitting that 100g mark each day to bring my numbers back up where they belong.

Longtime readers of my blog know that I'm a "Stress Non-Eater" -- which means that when I'm under a great amount of stress I tend to forget meals and lose my appetite. Friends on Facebook know that I've been posting about a huge project I'm in the midst of that's got a deadline of Thursday this week - stress much?

So the two paragraphs above don't work well together, right? Which means that in the past week I've gone back to protein shakes because I can't seem to eat enough food each day to bring my protein intake up to 100g. I use my own blog to dig up some recipes long forgotten in the past year that I've gotten away from my daily protein drinks. So if I had to resurrect the recipes for myself, maybe you need a refresher too!  Check out these all time favs...

Protein Hot Chai Tea

Protein Coffee - Keurig Style

Protein Hot Cocoa

What's your favorite wintertime protein drink?


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