Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Update on Rebellion

Remember my post last week about my rebellion? Thought I'd update you on how things are progressing with me.

Since that day I've taken every single dose of my vitamins.  I am still having issues with gagging on some of them -- which is something I've struggled with for years (even before surgery), I seem to gag on tiny pills but have no problem at all on big horsepills. But I've suffered through it this week and just taken my vitamins like a good girl.

Since last week I've done much better with my water intake too.  I got a new water bottle from a friend and it's helped a lot (I'll post about it later, it's the coolest thing!). 

My eating has been sporadic. It's hot here in Michigan and when it's hot I don't want to cook or put too much effort into preparing meals. So I've gone for easy stuff like meat, cheese and fruit for dinners. Or popsicles instead of dinner cuz it's so dang hot! Or neglecting to eat all together because I'm too busy or involved in other projects (like painting).  Still reaching for crap too often, but at least I'm focusing more on not-eating-crap and trying to focus eating-good-stuff instead.

EDITED TO ADD MEALS:  Eating today went well. Here's the run down:

Commute -- protein iced coffee (decaf)
Arrive at work -- regular coffee
Breakfast -- carbmaster yogurt with fresh blackberries
Lunch -- salad with grilled chicken and Quaker Cafe Square for dessert (OMG!)
Snack - grapes and cheese
Dinner (on the way to and during photog club meeting) -- handful of trail mix then protein ice coffee
LNS -- sugar free angel food cake with strawberries

Exercise is still not happening regularly. Although painting the house this weekend definitely got me sweating my butt off and we know that housework is just as effective as formal workouts.  So for now "being active" is my goal.

So there's where I am for now. My head is still not 100% in the game and I'm rebelling against the reform still. But I'm determined to behave myself and do the healthy and right thing.



  1. Pam, I was wondering, do you still maintain your weight? It's been a while since I've seen mention of that and I know it was an issue for a while that you weren't losing.

  2. @Suzanne - Yes, my weight is still the exact same as it's been for about 18 months now. I weighed this morning and I was 191.4. The scale fluctuates between 189 and 194-ish but these days about 80% of the time I step on the scale and I see 191.

  3. Congrats on the vitamins. That is one battle we know is worth fighting!!!

  4. Are you at peace with it now, Pam? From where I sit, it's quite impressive to have lost as much as you have!

  5. @Suzanne - most of the time I'm at peace with where my body has settled on the scale. I've come to realize that my success is measured with more than just the scale. Some days the peace evades me, of course, otherwise I wouldn't be human, right?

  6. I hear you. Thanks for your honesty on the blog. I'm in the early planning stages and am hoping to have VSG early next year. I'll be starting at the same point you did, so it's encouraging to me to see how well you've done...even with the occasional rebellion. :)


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