Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Painting done ... decorating to finish

Thank you to all those who voted for my paint color. The winner was Mocha Suede. And I LOVE it!

This picture was taken early Sunday as the first swipes of primer were going up on the walls. The color looked a bit peachy since it was just tinted primer and I was very nervous about how it was going to turn out .... but once the real paint color went up, it was much richer and darker than the primer coat. I was giddy with each paint stroke. Seriously, I just kept saying - "OMG! This is so cute!" 

So I figured out a way to only paint the living room area of my great room.  The dining room and hallway are still white and when/if I paint those areas, I'll probably choose a different color.  Either a very pale version of the Mocha Suede or maybe a pale version of the green choice.

It was late on Sunday night when I finished the painting. I went out to the patio with a couple SF popsicles to cool off and recoup.  But I couldn't stay out there for long because I could resist pulling all the tape off the trim so I could get a real look at the end result.  So I crawled into bed just after midnight on Sunday.

Early Monday morning I was up and moving furniture back into position to make way for the new chair. The plan was to pick up my chair on Tuesday after work -- but I couldn't wait.  So I took the long drive down to the furniture store to get it on Monday.  My nephew helped me carry it into my house and once it was placed I fell in love with it all over again. 

I promise to take pictures of the final project to show you.  Hopefully I'll get some good shots tonight, we'll see how they turn out since things aren't 100% finished yet.  I've decided to buy a new TV stand (to go with the new TV I'm shopping for but haven't bought yet). And I want to move the two tall bookcases that have been in my living room for years into a different room - thinking my bedroom right now but to do that I need to rearrange stuff in there first - so I've still got some more decorating to do. I also need to put up my picture rails (from Ikea) and choose photos to put into my myriad picture frames that'll go on the rails. I also want to order some vinyle sayings to decorate the walls (probably from here) - just need to decide what I want to say and where things will go. 

Another project I'm contemplating is doing a fabric artpiece.  Basically stretching cool fabric over a wood frame. The print I have on my fireplace mantel right now doesn't go with the new look of the living room anymore and I want something more contemporary and hip there instead. Check out these ideas. Here, Here and Here  So I'll be on the hunt for some awesome fabric to compliment the new look and feel of the living room.

The painting might be done... but now the ideas are flowing for lots more redecorating projects!  I have ideas for the dining room and the bedroom. Plus I need to add a closet organizer system to my walk in closet, but that means cleaning out the closet and organzing my clothese first. Let's not even talk about the back storage room and all that needs to be done in there.  UhOh! I think I might have caught the Home Decor Bug!


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  1. I love the color (its what I voted for myself). I wish I lived closer. I work for a drapery workroom and with a whole SLEW of designers. If I were closer I'd love to help with some of your projects. Looking forward to more pictures soon.


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