Saturday, July 03, 2010

Poll: Living Room Redecorating Project

I might regret this before the weekend is over ... but I'm going to paint and do some redecorating. I've lived in my house for 10 years and since the day I moved in I have hated my all-white walls.  But I've put off painting because of how HUGE of a job it is to change the look.  See - I have an open floor plan great room so I can't really just paint my living room.  It's the living room, hallway, entry, dining room and maybe a portion of the kitchen plus I have cathedral ceilings.  Yeah. Big. Huge. Monster-Sized Project.  But I'm doing it. And I hope to get it done before the holiday weekend is over.

It all started with a chair.  About two months ago I donated my current armchair to a charity yard sale.  I've been saying for over a year that I want to buy a new chair - so the donation was suppose to make me buy a new one right away.  Two months isn't "right away" is it?  But I did buy a new one last night (picking it up on Tuesday).  Isn't is adorable?!

(Note: the picture above is not inside my house, that's a showroom pic. My living room is carpeted in a light tan (nearly the color the the rug in the pic) - I'd love hardwood floors, but that's not happening anytime soon.)

I already have a sofa I love and it's a dark forest green (the same color as the darkest flowers in the chair).  The wood pieces in the living room (bookshelves, TV stand, tables) are all medium ton, so the chair legs definitely don't go with the rest of the room, so I might sand those and re-stain them... maybe.

So what color shall I paint the living room house?  My original plan was a rich coffee / latte color and I picked up a bunch of paint chips last night from Menard's.  But I also grabbed some samples in the green family.  And now I can't decide.  Help me!

Today I'm prepping the walls by filling nail holes and taping off trim moving furniture out of the way. I'll buy primer and paint tomorrow morning. So you have until Sunday morning to help me decide.

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