Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Healthy Campfire Menu

Here are several photos of some of the delicious - and mostly healthy - meals I enjoyed while camping last week. Over the next several days I'll share some recipes and more photos.  But this is just a little taste test of the deliciousness to come.

071910 camping

Pictured above:

Roasted Veggies - potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms
A Traditional S'More
Breakfast - bacon, eggs and diced fresh pineapple
Bratwurst, potato salad and BBQ chips
Campfire Chicken and Pineapple with side of roasted veggies
Black Bean Chicken and Veggies
Steamed White Fish and Veggies
WLS-Friendly Fruit Hobo Pie
Yogurt with banana and granola
Mixed field greens with turkey and sliced apples

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