Monday, July 26, 2010

After 9 Days of Vacation...

Nine whole days of pure relaxation is amazing and I'm feeling rested, refreshed and ready to face whatever comes my way.  I've got a bunch of really great photos, recipes and experiences to share -- and I'll do that soon.  But I wanted to say a quick hello to all and let you know I'm back to the civilized, digital world again.

Some highlights of my vacation:
  • 7 days camping in my parents' travel trailer - even with a few days of rain, it was still a wonderful experience to be cut off from the digital world and communing with nature
  • 1 glorious afternoon on the Rifle River (pictured) in a kayak (I tried for another couple days, but the rain flooded the river levels so much that the DNR closed the river to boaters)
  • 2 tourist days in Petosky and Harbor Springs exploring the towns and checking out all the fun boutiques, galleries and shops
  • 6 books read, lots of notes taken for developing the blog, some writing done on the book project and lots of soul searching and journaling ... and a big long list of tasks I am challenging myself with (more on that later)
  • 1 Jack Johnson concert that was awe-inspiring and heart-thumping (still have his new album To The Sea stuck in my head)
  • 2 hours with a group of photographers on Saturday for the Petosky-hosted event for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. (Hope to have my photos posted later this evening.)
  • 9 days of mostly healthy food choices with some strategically placed tasty treats for a bit of naughtiness too (recipes and photos coming soon)
Although I knew this already - this week proved it once again - I'm a water girl. Probably because I'm an Aquarius.  But I just really love being in or near the water - I'm drawn to it. My campsite wasn't on the river (like I'd hoped) but I spent a lot of time sitting on the banks of the river just watching the water flow by and enjoying the antics of the canoers and tubers. When I was in the kayak on Wednesday I had the most peaceful and relaxing time that I'm now having thoughts of buying my own so I can go anytime I want (gotta figure out how the car situation actually works though). I spent a couple lazy afternoons lounging at the pool at the campground. And when I was in Petosky and Harbor Springs this past weekend I abandoned more shopping for time at the Bay instead. I found my way to the Petosky State Park and pulled out my beach chair for some sand time most of Sunday afternoon.

One day I'd like to live closer to the water so I can step out my back door and be on the beach year round (which means moving out of Michigan and away from snow one day).  Probably need to think about a retirement home somewhere, huh?

It's been a good vacation. It's good to be back home though.


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  1. Ah, Pam! I grew up in Petoskey (out living in NY now). We head back for a two week vacation in August and I cannot WAIT. There's something about being on the Great Lakes that is so good for the heart. We always visit the State Park, the waterfront, etc. And my old boss used to camp up at Rifle River every year, so I've heard a lot about it. Michiganders unite! ;-) So glad you had a great vaca.


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