Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Five Favorites: Protein Powder

Here's a new series for you. My Five Favorites! Periodically I'll tell you my five favorite things in a certain category. If you have suggestions on topics, I'm open to anything.  Today we'll discuss protein powders.

Body Fortress - Vanilla 
This is my old stand by vanilla. It's easily accessible at many local stores (Walmart, Target, Meijer) except I just discovered it's cheaper on Amazon and easier since it comes straight to my front door. The powder mixes smooth into any liquid and provides a nice sweet vanilla flavor. This is the protein I use in most of my protein drinks

Body Fortress - Chocolate 
Same as the vanilla above, this chocolate mixes well and is smooth tasting in many different types of protein drinks. This brand has a very chocolatey flavor and is slightly sweet. I love Body Fortress because it mixes so easily into hot protein beverages. Here's a few of my favorite recipes:

Protein Hot Cocoa
Protein Balls
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Syntrax Nectar - Cappucino
This is my all time favorite flavor but I don't get it very often. Mostly because I'm too lazy to go to the trouble of ordering it online -- except now I've discovered it's available on Amazon (and we all know I spend way too much time shopping on that site!). With this protein powder you're getting a smooth mocha flavor - a latte with a tiny undertone of chocolate.

My favorite way to mix the Cappuccino Nectar is with about 4 ounces of milk, 4 ounces water and a bunch of ice - whirled up in a blender and served as a blended coffee drink. 

Click Espresso Mocha Protein Drink
Speaking of coffee protein .... have you noticed there's a Click revolution going on all around us? Everyone loves Click.  This is a coffee flavored chocolate protein powder with real caffeine mixed in. Add a splash of a sugar free syrup (vanilla, caramel, hazelnut) and you're looking at a coffeehouse rival beverage.

Mix Click either hot or cold or blended with ice. Mix it with milk or with water. If you don't like mocha, consider the Vanilla Latte version.

Syntrax Nectar Vanilla Bean Torte
Oh wow! Seriously this stuff is like heaven in a cup. With the creamy vanilla flavor and the tiny flecks of actual vanilla bean in the mix - you can't get enough of this stuff! It's pretty unusual to find a protein powder that doesn't need a recipe and this is one of them. It mixes nicely with water or milk and can hold it's own without any additives or flavorings needed. I generally mix it with half water and half milk and serve it over ice.

This is also a great powder for making vanilla protein ice cream (just a double-batch of protein shake put into an ice cream freezer until it's hard and frozen). Maybe top a dish of protein ice cream with some fresh raspberries or blackberries?  Yum!

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