Friday, August 14, 2009

3 years ago I made a decision

August 5, 2006 was the day that I decided to have WLS. Every August since I've gone back to the same spot where I had made that decision to contemplate how far I'd come in the process and what new goals I wanted to set for myself. This weekend I'll make the drive back to that beach and spend some time in meditation and contemplation. The day I decided to have surgery and change my life was also the day that I started this blog. Read the very first post from 3 years ago. ~Pam


  1. Hi, Pam. That was a moving first blog. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration, your time and talents (research) with all of us who look up to you!

  2. Pam, I, for one, am delighted and grateful that you decided to explore your journey "in public." I had my RNY surgery on August 3, a little less than two weeks ago, and I've already gained a great deal from reading your blog.

    You go, girl!



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