Sunday, August 16, 2009

Race Day

Today was the 5 mile Blueberry Festival Race. It was very humid and I was tired from my playing on the beach all day yesterday. The cool thing about today's race was that Helen and Shannon (the Pink Team from The Biggest Loser) was part of the race. They both walked the race - Helen was fast and hit the front of the pack right away, Shannon was about my same pace and walked just ahead of me most of the race. (I talked to Helen after the race about my GoWear Fit and plaeatu, I'll blog about that another day.)
The other cool thing was that most of my Crim training group just so happened to be there too and I was able to walk with a few of the gals. We've only got 6 days left before the big 10 mile race!
One more cool thing. I place first in my age category. Not bad for an old lady, huh?
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 1:20
Pace: 16:00
Weather: mid-80's, humid with a tiny sprinkle at the end of the race to cool us off

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