Thursday, August 13, 2009

GoWear Fit - an update on activity levels

As you all know, I got my GoWear Fit device back in May. So I've been wearing it for about 2.5 months and I've made some changes in my life because of the scientific feedback it gives me. Some changes I'm very aware of... but others have sort of happened subconsicously. Today I'm just going to talk about my activity level. Later I'll talk to you about the difference in my eating habits and my weight loss.

This stuff is fascinating to me! I generally have 3 types of days in my life.
  • Sedentary days when I work all day at a desk, then go home or to school and sit for most of the evening. These days have very little activity, just the normal live and work stuff. 
  • Normal Active days when I work during the day and do a 1 hour workout in the evening, then do normal putzing around the house at night. 
  • Active Days when I either work during the day and do an extended workout in the evening (2-3 hours) .... or weekends when I'm not stuck in the office and I'm just active all day with housework, shopping, playing, walking around and just being active in general for most of the day. I have noticed in the past two months a dramatic change in my calorie burn numbers on these three types of days. I have not made any specific changes in my daily activity... I didn't even discover these changed in the calorie burn totals until I was examining the data a week or so ago.
GoWearFit data in May
Sedentary Days = 1800-2000 calories burned (struggled to hit the daily target of 2000)
Normal Active Days = 2100-2300 calories burned
Active Days = 2300-2500 calories burned

GoWear Fit data in August
Sedentary Days = 2100-2300 calories burned (very easy to hit daily target of 2000)
Normal Active Days = 2300-2500 calories burned
Active Days = 2500-2900 calories burned

So, notice a pattern here?

Somehow in the past 2.5 months I have subconsiously become more active by about 200-300 calories without making any dramatic changes. Simply because this thing is on my arm and I can see the immediate feedback of my activities, it is making me move more.

More to come...


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