Sunday, January 04, 2009

What it means to be "On Track"

What does a successful day look like? What does it mean to be "On Track" with my diet and post-op life? 

In order to be on track, the following must be in place for me: 
  1. Love myself enough to take care of my own daily needs for better health. 
  2. Eat a healthy balance of foods. Including staying within my calorie range, and keeping my macronutrients in line. Getting enough fiber and drinking enough water. Eat according to my daily schedule and avoid unplanned snacks or grazing or mindless eating. And the only way I'll know if I'm hitting those daily goals is to track my food in on FitDay. 
  3. Exercise because I care about my overall health. I'm not exercising to lose weight, I'm doing it to improve my heart and lung function, build my lean muscle mass and to be a more healthy person. And it's not just about going to the gym - it's about getting out and enjoying life and being more active overall. Keeping those reasons in mind helps me be more faithful to my workout routine. 
  4. Be obsessive about my vitamins and supplements. My life depends on it. 
  5. Follow the doctor's orders. Follow up with regular lab tests, vitamins and proper medial are is essential. Follow up with my surgeon once a year for my annual check up on my surgery. 
  6. Be intune with my body and my emotions and be comfortable with who I am, what I think, how I feel and the direction my life is going. 
  7. Be kind to myself. 
If I fall off track, that is not permission to beat myself up. This is not a diet and this is not a race .... it's about lifestyle and the long haul. 

Be kind. 
Be happy. 
Just be. 

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  1. Pam, I know that one of my problems is that I did view this as a race and I didn't complete it (reach my goal) so for the last two years I have beat myself up - getting down on myself about what I considered was a failure. I have been reading a lot of the questions and answers on the OH Board lately and I went back and read your victories (so to speak) and started making a list of my own on what has changed for me in the last 3 years . . (my 3 year anniversary is on January 16th) and I can't believe how much my life has changed. I also have to keep reminding myself that my journey is not over and I am on this WLS journey everyday for the rest of my time on this earth. I know everyone talks about new year resoultions I have never been one to do that but this year I have set a theme for myself "Take care of Me".
    Keep blogging because I'm not sure if you realize how much you touch our lives with your wisdom, struggles, knowledge and honesty.
    The blog stalker,


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