Monday, January 05, 2009


I didn't do good with water this weekend and I'm paying for it today. Definitely dehydrated. I've already downed 48 ounces of water today and can't seem to shake it. Whenever my body needs water, it tells me. I get this strange feeling in my ears ... like they are popped (same as when you're on an airplane) and I feel like I'm breathing and talking inside a tunnel or something. I usually get this feeling first thing in the morning, but it's gone with a glass of water in the morning. But today it's holding on for way too long. I just finished my second 20-ounce bottle of water here at work (had about 8 ounces before I left the house this morning). I'm going to eat lunch in a few minutes and hopefully that'll put me over the top so this ringing will stop! I need to be more disciplined with getting ALL my water in EVERYday, no matter what. ~Pam

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