Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Wierd Foot

Remember back in September when I injured my ankle just before the half-marathon?  Well, it's acting wierd and it's starting to tick me off.  
I was diagnosed with paroneal tendenitis and the best way for that to heal is simply rest.  So it's pretty much healed. No pain at all.  
BUT ... the doctor thinks there is still swelling in the tendon area which is causing some other issues.  I can't bend my foot back (i.e. flexing my foot back and forth doesn't happen), I have trouble wiggling my toes and I get a numbness on the top of my foot almost all the time.  The other thing that's starting to irritate me is that when I walk my foot seems to clunk down... like I'm walking flat footed with one foot and normal with the other, so when my right foot hits the treadmill it makes a loud thud.  The left foot is fine but the right food is misbehaving.  
Thankfully I go back to my PCP in a couple months, so I'll follow up about the foot too.  When I told him about it last time he said it was normal for things like that to happen with tendonitis.  But it seems to be getting worse -- or maybe I'm just paying attention to it closer?

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  1. I'm having this same thing (since WLS). Another friend had it as well. Are you or were you crossing your legs alot more since the weight loss? I am and I'm feeling this is the culprit. I'm waking up in the mornings with an ache in the same hip as well. I'm sure it's tendonitis secondary to constantly crossing my legs - a habit I'm trying to break now.


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