Thursday, January 08, 2009

My First Yoga Class

The Wellness Program at work is offering a lunchtime yoga class. Today was the first class and I really enjoyed it. I've had my yoga mat for about 3 years and this is maybe the 3rd time I've used it. Can't wait till next week's class. Interestingly ... when the instructor kept telling us to relax and clear our minds and not think about anything, to focus on your breath, etc.... I just kept thinking: "Wow! I couldn't have done this a year ago!" So I have several yogoa shows recorded on my DVR at home from FitTV. I'm a bit more motivated after today's class to go check them out when I get home. Have you tried yoga before? Do you like it? Does it get easier the more you do it? ~Pam


  1. Way to get out there and try new exercises! The only yoga I have tried was on the Wii Fit, and that was only one pose. It's not so tough to get into position, but it definitely is hard to hold them.

  2. It gets much easier as you get more flexible. You will love it.. And you will get a better sense of balance. Eventually you will get into a "zone" where you don't think any more.. It is really rather special. Stick with it!!!!



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