Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Med Schedule

I just discovered a very cool website that helps me keep track of all my medications, vitamins and supplements. It's www.MyMedSchedule.com - it is pretty awesome. And it's free! I registered for a free account, then added all my various medications and vitamins into my own database (not that I take any Rx's anymore, but I take plenty of vitamins and supplements to keep track of). They have a ton of meds already in their database, so it's easy to pick from what they have listed or create a new medication that's not listed. For instance, some of my vitamins are in doses that are not listed, so I added some of my own stuff. It was super easy! Then once you get all your pills entered, you can assign doses (1x daily up to 5x daily or "other"). And also what time each dose is scheduled throughout the day. You can then print a list of everything you take, how many doses and what times... so you can share it with your doctor or just hang it on the fridge as a reminder. I like the printed list feature because everytime I go to the doctor or surgeon for followup, they want a list of all the medications and vitamins I'm taking and I usually have to write it all out for them - and usually forget something. Now I can just hand over the list and I know it's accurate. The best part ... you can get email notifications or text messages to your cell phone to remind you when to take your next dose. I just received my 11:00 a.m. text message reminder to take a calcium. Pretty slick, huh? So if you have problems remembering to take your vitamins throughout the day -- this is a high-tech way to stay on track! ~Pam

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