Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Food Log

I am a little bit scared to be doing this .... and now sure how long it'll stick around.  But I'm making my FitDay log public.  And I'm putting a big old link right over there on the sidebar for anyone to click on and snoop into my day's eating.  
Today happened to be a pretty crappy day and I'm not proud of what I put in my mouth.  But it's there.  I counted every morsel.  And now the world can look at it.  
I can also see that I need to do a better job of adding food in the order that I eat it.  No, I didn't have a tortilla pizza for breakfast -- that's the plan for dinner (haven't cooked it yet).  And the cake, that was up there around lunchtime... and those Hershey's Kisses, those were spread out throughout the day at work.  And that cappuccino on the drive home tonight - big mistake!  
Today was pretty carb-heavy and if I was smart about my choices, I'd make a protein shake for dinner instead of that tortilla pizza.  But like I said, it's been a crappy day and I really just want a hot meal tonight.  So I'm having my pizza anyway.
Dang!  That last line was squarely in the "Entitlement" category, wasn't it?  Which is my trigger.  The reason I got to obesity in the first place.  Sounds like I need to work on that area pretty hard still - especially on the crappy days.
So are you willing to make your food log public?  Willing to share it on your own blog?  Or just give me the URL so I can peek at your day once in a while too?   I bet this could be a great motivator for being accountable. 


  1. I post everything straight from FitDay to the board everyday anyway--- I assumed everyone did that! You mean you've all been holdin' out on me? ;)

  2. Where do you find Carb Master yogurt? I've never heard of it, but 12g protein beats the heck out of the 5g I get in Light and Fit! I avoid eating yogurt because it's not worth filling up for 5g protein.

  3. Hey Penney -
    The Carb Master Yogurt is a Kroger Brand (Kroger grocery stores). It comes in vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and peach. I've gone to just buying the vanilla exclusively because then I can mix stuff into it. My favorite is a container of vanilla yogurt, a tablespoon of PB2 mixed and used as a dip for apple slices. Yum!

  4. That apple dip sounds yummy! I've got to try carb master again. It was too thick for me last time, but I was pretty fresh post-op then. I've gotten more used to dense food. Tonight, we'll have to talk about that 'entitlement'. I was thinking about it myself, but I just say "my attitude is getting in the way of my success". That attitude changes, but it always gets me to the same spot... eating crap I don't need... which is probably why my weight hasn't gone down in 4 months.


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