Monday, January 26, 2009


One of my 9 Goals for 2009 is to meditate and become more aware of my spirituality. I mentioned this to my mom the other day and she gave me a funny look... like I was suddenly worshiping some alternate god or turning to some other strange religion. Of course, that's not my intention at all. 

To me meditation is a time for me to be quiet and alone with my own thoughts, to more fully understand my inner self and to learn to love the person that I am and those around me through a greater awareness of my spirit, my relationship with God, my daily experiences and my emotions.

Today in my search for some soothing music to meditate to, I stumbled across the Online Meditation Classes. There are 32 individual class "sessions" that are MP3 files so you can download them, load 'em up on the media player and listen at your leisure. Or listen directly on your computer if that's easier. I've listened to first class and think I'm really going to enjoy this series. It seems to be perfect for the novice meditation student. 

Speaking of music... that site also has an outstanding collection of soothing music. I've downloaded a bunch already. I still want to check out the guided meditation section too. 


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  1. you can visit this site for more healing music.


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