Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let's talk about my weight loss stall

To say I'm frustrated is a huge understatement. I swore at the scale today ... and I'm not the swearing type of girl.

I hit the 100 pound mark in mid-August. In the past 5 months I've lost a total of 10 pounds and most of that was in September. I say 10 pounds because I "saw 189" on the scale once and I'm claiming it even though I haven't seen it again recently. The scale keeps playing around between 189 and 191. For the 6 weeks before that it played around with 193 and 191.

The stall started while I was in the middle of training for the half marathon race and I was walking 20 miles a week. Even when I stopped exercising because of my ankle injury - then from shear laziness - I remained stalled. If I eat like a pig or if I go well below my caloric needs - I remain stalled. I had my RMR tested and increased my calorie goal to 1450 - I remain stalled. I've given myself weekends off for the past 2 weeks and not counted anything and just ate whatever I wanted in an attempt to shock my body into some type of change - I remain stalled.

So I've officially been stalled for 2 months. But in the 3 months before this particular stall started, things have been beyond slow.

I've increased calories. I've changed my workout routine. I've kept my protein high and carbs moderately low. I've kept track of my food on FitDay. I've been more conscious about my water intake. I've done all the classic things I'm suppose to do to Break a Stall

But apparently my body has a mind all it's own and will do whatver the heck it wants to do.
All I can do is wait it out and try not to let it get me down. I'm trying hard to focus on other goals ... particularly my 9 Goals for 2009.... and trying hard to ignore the scale and it's stubbornness.



  1. You're breakin my heart! I'm exhausted just reading all of the work you have done & continue to do - you are truly amazing! Now, maybe it's time to just stop, relax & let go for a bit. Enjoy all of your success and where you are RIGHT NOW. While you are enjoying this moment in your life...I bet it will happen :)

    All of my good thoughts are with you. I am praying that you find peace within the struggle. What a gift that would be!

    Take good care, Jo

  2. I feel your pain. I have not lost a pound in 3 months and only 10 since September. I am in the process of trying all the same things you wrote about. I am determined to break the wicked stall! Good Luck! - dj


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