Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Midnight Cookie Cravings

I am not a "sweets" person. Cookies and chocolate and desserts are not typically my downfall. Chips and salts snacks... yeah, that's where my weaknesses lie. So this past week has been a bit odd for me with all the cookie cravings. I baked cookies for Christmas with no fear whatsoever that they would become a trigger food while they were in the house. I made Cream Sandwich Cookies and Italian Wedding Cookies.

We have our final family Christmas celebration on Thursday (New Year's Day) and the plan was to take the cookies with me and share them with family. With 28 hungry people, there would be no problem getting rid of every last cookie. No big deal... I figured I could bake the cookies and keep them stored until then. I have other sweets in the house that have been there for months and I have had no tempation to eat 'em.

But I've been eating them. Too many of them. And they kept calling to me from the kitchen ... enticing me to eat them. Begging me to nibble their sweet deliciousness.

Last night I crawled into bed around 11:00 p.m. and read for a while. Around midnight the cookies started calling to me. This time I was pissed! How dare they taunt me! I got angry.

So I got out of bed at midnight, went to the kitchen and dumped both containers of cookies straight into the trash.

Their sweet smell filled the kitchen and I was suddenly sad to see them go. There they sat, right on top of a cardboard box in the trashcan, smelling all yummy still. I opened the fridge to find something that needed to be cleared out ... nothing, I'd just cleaned the fridge the other day so all the food was fresh. So I sacraficed a bowl of chili and dumped it on top of the cookies to cover up the sweet smell of powdered sugar. There! Take that you nasty cookies!

This morning I peeked in the trash and mentally patted myself on the back. It feels good to be back in control.



  1. GOOD FOR YOU! Reading that was like reliving the "cookie monster" in me last year. Like I said before, I had no cookies in my house this year and I slept easier! Isn't if funny how "temptation" can call you from the kitchen even when your in the next room.
    Kristy :)
    Have a nice New Year's

  2. It is both very empowering and completely tragic to dump cookies in the garbage. Good for you! I made some SF cookies (and about a gazillion regular ones). I have eaten about 5 of them since Christmas. They are no healthier than regular cookies, just sugar free, which I think makes them even more dangerous. Last night I had to do the trash thing with some spaghetti sauce. I was way past satisfied and was still eating. Dumped it and moved on.

  3. Yeah, Pam! You beat the cookie monster =) I should follow your lead. I've got pumpkin fudge and strawberry shortbread desserts sitting in my garage, but they still call to me from 'out there'. If only I could cook as good as I bake... Good thing I'm getting over sweet stuff and really just want some good food now. I was checking out eggface's blog to inspire some healthy eating.

  4. Oh Yeah! That's the way to do it - I've smashed and stomped on food and threw it away outside (luckily our garbage cans are right outside the back door, which is located in the kitchen.)

    Sometimes constructive destruction is the only safe and sure way to go. Bet the physical act of it felt good too!

  5. Awesome!

    The holidays are a really tought time for most and we are no exception! Better to just not have them around.

    Happy New Year!



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