Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eating Like a Pig

What is my problem?  I've been eating like a pig for the past two days.   Good stuff and crappy stuff... can't seem to control myself no matter what it is.  It needs to stop right now!  
Just ate a bowl of mac & cheese and now my tummy is angry at me.  Ate cookies earlier.  Had a bowl of cereal for breakfast with no protein in sight.  Microwave popcorn.  Carbs beget carbs!  And I'm experiencing it first hand today. 
It's 5pm and I'm not going to eat carbs again today.  Later I'll make a protein shake - no milk, no fruit allowed -- just protein. 
I wish we didn't have another family Christmas coming up this week.  I wish I could just get back on the plan and not know another mega-feast is looming.  I'm about done with this holiday crap eating.


  1. Man I just had this conversation with my sister. I'm so ready for all the parties to be done . .we really do socialize around food no matter how we try not to. I'm working on my eating plan for next week getting my grocery list ready so I can start out on Friday with everything ready - I've decided not to wait until the Monday after New Years I'm starting on Friday.
    I learned last year I can't have cookies in my house over the holidays I just couldn't keep track of my grazing. So not having them in the house has been lots easier.
    Enjoy your protein shake!

  2. Major pigging out going on here, too!!! I can't count how many sugar cookies loaded with frosting I have eaten, or the pumpkin custard, or the tons of other carbs and junk food I've crammed into my mouth over the last week. I was so afraid to weigh myself, but I finally did. I was up to 212. It could be partially due to all the sodium (ham) that I consumed, but I'll own up to it all. It's a good thing I left all the goodies at the parent's! But dang it, I just made 2 more desserts. Good thing I've been working out! No matter... I'll be back in the groove soon. Just as I'm sure you will be! Kris

  3. I'm having the same issue. I don't think it's a holiday thing - I'm hoping it's more of a "it's getting cold so the inbred reaction is to 'store some fat for the cold weather'" and I can move on. I have no idea what's causing it and it's almost at the distressing point.

    I have to be more mindful, and plan better on days like this, but it feels like I'm going to bed hungry....that is still one of my big issues, really being able to identify when I'm really hungry....

    I haven't been eating "wrong things" just too many carbs in the form of whole grain breads, and even fruits and veggies etc that upset my pouch, only because the carb count gets so high.

    Ah well, that's what "new starts" (aka the New Year) is all about, I guess, a chance to have a definitive starting point.

    Good luck and much success to ALL of us!



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