Sunday, November 30, 2008

I was so fat!

Before my surgery I knew I was overweight.... ok, obese.  But when I looked in the mirror I don't believe I truly saw how fat I really was.  It's like my brain blocked the image or something. 
Yesterday I was trying to organize the photos on my hard drive (they are a serious mess!) and came across this photo.  It was taken 6 months before my surgery on Mother's Day after we'd taken my mom out to lunch.  I obviously wasn't thrilled to be having my picture taken. 
I'm sad to see this picture.  And a little bit disgusted with myself for looking like this.  That turquoise blouse is one I used to wear all the time, it was a favorite.  
I guess seeing pictures of myself before surgery is a good reminder of how far I've come.  And reminds me of the place I never want to return.  I know that weight regain is a definite possibility after WLS if I do not make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep the weight off .... so I never want to forget how I looked and how I felt when I was obese.  Even if these pictures make me disgusted, I'll continue to look at them to make sure I don't get lax with following the rules.

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  1. Your fabulous and my inspriation . . (what a big job you have!)
    You look great . . I have to hold my "fat" jeans up every once in a while as a reality check . . and I still have a long road to travel. Keep all of us inspired!


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