Monday, December 01, 2008

A Week of Doctor Appointments

Because I was in Florida a couple weeks ago I had to reschedule all my annual doctor appointments and this is the week when everything happens. I've got my annual pap, 1 year surgical follow up with both surgeon and PCP and a dentist appointment. Busy week! This morning I met with my gynocologist and he was thrilled with my progress. All outward symptoms of my PCOS have disappear along with the extra pounds and he's certain that my "innards" are recovering too. I believe the insulin resistance has gone away or is under control to the point wher eit no longer interfers with how my body processes food. So that is all good news. We discussed my being on Depo Provera. I've been taking the birth control shot for about four years now and was originally put on it to help control the progression of my endometriosis. A happy side effect is that I no longer get periods, so I'm loving that part of it. But.... There is a proven link between long term use of Depo Provera and loss of bone density, so I expressed my concern about this to him. Before my morning appointment I stopped at my PCP's office to pick up the results from my blood draw a couple weeks ago. So I had my results in hand when I spoke to my Gyn about bone loss. My Vitamin D has been low for a year but is slowly climbing (still waiting on results from this draw and should get that in a day or two). My PTH was also checked and if you have low D and high PTH, it's usually an indicator of your body leaching calcium from bones. But my PTH was perfect -- on the low end of the normal scale -- so I'm resting much easier with the bone density question. He was happy to hear that those levels were tested and that everything looks alright. My doc today wanted to take me off the Depo Provera to see how my body would react and if I'd go back to regular menstral cycle again. But I didn't want to go off the meds and asked that we give it at least another year. He agreed, but wanted to make sure that I increased my calcium intake. Normal recommendations for RNY patients is 1500mg of calcium citrate per day (in addition to food intake), but because of the Depo Provera, I'm already taking 2000mg per day (which he told me to do at last year's appointment). Doctor was happy with that and told me to continue with that regimen. When I get the rest of the results from my lab work I'll post an update (still waiting for Vitamin D, B1, A and Zinc results). I'm most anxious about the Vitamin D story. If things haven't dramatically increased with this round I'll be talking to the doctor about switching formulations of D -- going to a dry vitamin instead of the oil based one. Wednesday is the next big day of doctor appointments. I'll let you know how my annual check up for WLS goes. ~Pam

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