Friday, April 11, 2008

Protein Shake Recipes

Here are a few of my favorite protein shake recipes. Even though I have a few other flavors and brands of protein powder -- I've pretty much settled down to the Body Fortress Chocolate and Vanilla as my favorites. Strange that they are my favs now --- before surgery this is what I used, but right after surgery I hated their taste. Now I'm back to loving them again. It's fine by me since they are cheap and easy to buy at Wal-Mart.

1 scoop chocolate protein powder 
8 oz milk 
Serve over ice - tastes just like Nestle Quik chocolate milk!

1 scoop chocolate protein powder 
8 oz hot water 
sugar-free coffee creamer or SF Flavored Syrups

Whiz in blender until smooth -- great hot cocoa!

1 scoop vanilla protein powder 
1/2 c. frozen peaches or strawberries or whaever fruit you want 
1 c. orange flavored crystal lite (or sugar free tang) 
1 big tablespoon yogurt 
Whiz in blender until smooth. If you use fresh fruit, add ice cubes. Great smoothie!

1 scoop vanilla protein powder 
1/2 c. sugar free chai tea mix (heated in microwave) 
1/2 c. hot water splash of sugar free coffee creamer 

Whiz in blender slightly. Makes a great hot chai tea! (You can also do this cold if you like.)  

1 scoop chocolate protein powder 
1 teaspoon decaf instant coffee 
8oz hot water 
sugar free coffee creamer  or SF Flavored Syrup

Whiz in blender slightly. Tastes like a mocha java latte!


  1. Hi I had a question, your shakes are they used as a meal supplement? I am having a hard time with the gaps in between eating and drinking. I am getting symptoms and was very curious about shakes. Would you mind explaining in detail how and when you use them? Thank you, your site is great too.

  2. @Avisualdistortion -- From the very beginning of my WLS journey, I've always been told to use protein shakes as "snakes" between meals. My surgeon's program wanted us to maintain our regular meal times to keep a sense of normalcy in our lives. But knowing we can't get all our calories and protein from just the 3 meals/day we can eat, he has his patients fill in the gaps with protein shakes between meals. Eventually we're able to eat more at mealtimes and could reduce the number of protein shakes per day.


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