Thursday, April 10, 2008

100 Ways Wednesday

I'm a day late on my Wednesday post - -but it was a crazy day yesterday. So I'm catching up. This is a series of posts about how my life has changed since losing weight. I've done the first 20 ways, now for the next 10. 

21. I fit into a size 18W dress pants this morning! (I started my journey in size 26/28) 

22. People keep calling me "skinny" 

23. My complexion has cleared up and my skin has a youthful glow (or so I'm told) 

24. Still amazed at how easy it is for me to walk 3 miles during my workouts. And I'm cutting time of each new day. 

25. Food is not the focus of my day. I had to consciously stop yesterday and find lunch because I'd forgotten all about eating. 

26. I have made so many new friends since having WLS - the community is tight and so supportive and friendly. 

27. I'm cold. Because of the loss of "insulation" and fewer calories, I'm always cold nowadays. I used to be too hot. My space heater under my desk is my best friend some days. 

28. I walk taller and prouder now 

29. I seem to be getting more attention from the opposite sex. Good thing I'm on a self-imposed break from dating for 1 year otherwise this could be a big distraction. 

30. I can walk by a plate of cookies and not be tempted to hord them for myself. I've come to far to sabatoge myself now.

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  1. Great job on the size 18's. You have come a long way quickly!


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