Saturday, July 07, 2012

Portion Control

I believe one of the major reasons America is experiencing an obesity epidemic right now is because of portion control problems. We've forgotten what a true portion is. When have we ever seen such a topic actually make national news? So when you see portion control show up in your news feed, you know it's serious. (See the story about New York trying to pass a law to impose portion control on soda purchasers.)

Although New York might be going about this lesson the wrong way, it's a lesson we most definitely need to learn. Right after my WLS 4.5 years ago I started a habit that I'm still doing today. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I make time when I get home to portion out the food into individually wrapped portions.

I was reminded of this habit the other day in a WLS support group meeting where a nutritionist caused everyone about portions and someone if everyone really measures everything they eat in the real world. If you're a WLS patient, then yes... you really should be measuring everything! Not just for portion control, but to make your life easier.

Here's an example: grapes. When I buy grapes I always pluck them from the stems, wash them and then package them up into individual portions in snack-sized baggies. Then when I need a sweet snack I'm more apt to grab a bag of grapes than to grab something less healthy. Obviously eating more than one serving of grapes wouldn't be a problem for weight loss -- but having a healthy snack ready for you to grab is a healthy option. (1 cup grapes = 60 calories)

I also do the same portioning with nuts, crackers, deli-sliced turkey (I love Jennie-O), trailmix, etc. Sometimes it's not just about portion control, but about convenience. Having washed and ready-to-eat fruit and veggies in the fridge for easy grabbing helps us to make more healthy choices throughout the day when the inevitable cravings strike.

Do you portion control your foods? How do you do it?


EDITED TO ADD: Great tip from Taylor in the comments about a product called LunchBots. I'd never heard of it before, so I checked it out. They're awesome! Here's the Quad LunchBot she mentioned.


  1. Welcome back, Pam!

    I usually portion control my food and snacks that I plan to eat out. We use containers called Lunchbots, that have dividers inside them. My favorite is the quad because I can put four separate items in there. At home I eye my food and have a pretty good idea of what the right amount is for me.

  2. Hi Taylor:
    Thanks for the tip on LunchBots. I love 'em -- probably cuz I like cut stuff and these are so cute! I've added a link to them on Amazon within the post above.

  3. Really great idea. I'll be borrowing!

  4. Glad you like them. I'm sort of addicted and have every style and color. They are great to follow on FB; lots of informative updates and pictures of cute Lunchbots. And there are often coupon codes for discounts or free shipping when ordering directly from Lunchbots.

  5. Important post! I am addicted to sunflower seeds and am integrating into my diet shelled unflavored pistachio .
    I buy them in the seeds/nuts/herbs store where I already weigh them as I buy in many little baggies.


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