Friday, November 20, 2009

Jennie-O Cracked Pepper Turkey

I had an interesting realization today. Not sure why it took me so long to figure it out... and have no idea why I was thinking about it on my drive to work this morning at 7:30 a.m. But.... since I share everything with ya'll, figured I'd share my random thoughts too.

One scoop of protein powder has about 23-26g protein and about 100-110 calories. Right? Make a shake with milk and fruit and you could easily end up with a protein shake that's 300 calories. Filling, yes. Healthy, yes. Packed with protein, yea. Necessary for new post-ops, yes. It's high quality protein and if you take away the extra calories from milk and fruit, it's a very good comparison for my thoughts....
So I absolutely LOVE Jennie-O Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast sliced in the deli to "medium thick." 

It's one of those foods that I must have in my fridge at all times and is an easy snack or meal that's delicious and nutricious. I love love love this stuff! Seriously. Love it.
Let's compare calories and protein, shall we? For 4oz of Jennie-O Cracked Pepper Turkey you get 24g protein in 100 calories. Whoa! That is equal to a scoop of protein powder, right? And poultry scores at the same level as protein powder on the PDCAAS protein quality rating scale. And 4oz of turkey fills me up and keeps me full for longer than a protein shake does.

I'm not saying that I'll replace my protein shakes with turkey. But I just found it interesting that the nutritional statistics were identical when comparing the two.

Ok... so now you know that I'm crazy, right? At 7:30 in the morning while driving to work 
I'm literally in the car thinking about nutrition labels and ingredients in food. I think I might be off my rocker or something.



  1. yup. I replaced protein powders with turkey. For me it was more than the calorie equation. My equation went like this:

    Protein Poweder= YUCKY. Turkey= YUM!

  2. I think on the way to work tomorrow you should come up with an idea for a protein turkey shake . . lol

    It's just cause you are so in turn with the universe that you think so deep . . .

    Have a good Thanksgiving!


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