Friday, November 20, 2009

Quarter vs Semester

So back when I attended college right out of high school (before I become a college drop out) I remember that classes lasted forever. I mean... a semester just takes an eternity to complete, right? My brother is attending a college that has semesters and he goes to each class for 15 weeks. The college I'm going to has quarters. So on-campus classes are only 10 weeks and online classes are only 6 weeks. It's odd, really. Just when you settle into the class and start to get into the groove of things -- it's done. I'm kind of loving it. I notice my classes seem to be more intense than my brothers... but I probably can't really compare since he's in a totally different degree field than I am (welding vs. graphic design). Plus he goes to class twice a week for two hours for each class whereas I only go once a week for 4 hours with different balances of homework assignments due. So we can't really compare, it's just my perception. So what's the point of this post? I have two weeks left to this quarter and I'm done! WooHoo! Granted there's a TON of stuff to do and get done in the next couple week (next week is holiday break, so I'll technically be done in 3 weeks). But I'm glad these classes are wrapping up and I'll have a whole month off for Christmas break before winter classes begin. Ok... so was there really a point? Nope, I guess not. Just some random rambling, I guess. LOL! ~Pam

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