Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Beach Commitment

Oscoda, Michigan | City Park Beach
Ahhh... the beach! You hear me talk about it a lot. And I even get a bit of flake from my coastal friends who whine that I'm misusing the term (as if a lakeshore can't be called a beach!?) - yes people, a beach is a beach even if it's on a lake, not an ocean!

No matter which side of the argument you're on, it doesn't matter to me. All I know is that I really love being near the water. It helps me feel centered and at peace. If my toes are tucked into the warm sand and my face is turned toward the waves, all is right with the world and nothing else matters.

Because this is my summer of renewal and rejuvenation, I have made the commitment to myself to schedule lots of beach time. I'll either be on, near or in the water at least every other week all summer long. So far I've exceeded my goal and I'm not complaining a bit!

I mentioned on Facebook that I have a book called "How to Live in Flip Flops." I bought it a couple years ago when I was on a trip to a beach somewhere (Mackinaw maybe?). I teased in my FB post that I have it on display in my house. That's actually the truth. It is on my bookcase but instead of being tucked in with all the other books, it's turned out to face the room so I see the cover. The bookcase is in my bedroom and directly in my line of sight when I walk into the room. I see it every morning when I'm getting ready for work and it reminds me to relax and not to take life so seriously. It's a fun little book, but there are a lot of very valuable life lessons on those pages. I'll share some with you in another post.

The photo here was taken on my last beach trip to Oscoda. I snapped it just before I made my way down to the shoreline and set up my beach chair for an afternoon of renewal. I'm so glad I live in Michigan where water is everywhere and there are so many beautiful places to visit.

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