Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Compare

One of the biggest problems I see in the bariatric community - with each of us individually - is how we let other people's successes affect the joy we get from our own successes. If someone loses 5 more pounds than me, should I be resentful of that person's success? No, of course not! But how often do we hear newbies compare themselves to others who are the same time out from surgery who may have lost more than they did. All the time! "So and So lost 50 pounds already, why have I only lost 40 pounds?"

Don't do that! Don't allow yourself to diminish the amazing work you've done by comparing. Just don't do it.


  1. Thank you for this post, love it, needed to hear it as well, I am terrible at comparing myself to others loss and success. I had to save that image too, love that quote!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I feel like I'm a broken record sometimes when it comes to stalls and stuff with newer WLS patients. And I'm still pretty new myself!

  3. THANK YOU!!! I love this post and needed to hear it as well. I never outwardly compare myself to other people... but I think it ALLLLLL THE TIME!!

    I *know* logically everyone is different and i'm still losing... but sometimes its hard, especially when I'm not feeling super awesome.

    So thank you Pam, for reminding me... I'm awesome regardless of everyone else <3


  4. My problem is seeing others lose more than me in a shorter amount of time especially when others don't know I once weighed 120kilo at 5ft tall and many met me at 104kilo. Now if only I could be just a bit taller my BMI would be so much different!
    Pam, I am after my Abdominoplasty that going in I weighed 82kilo and 3k was removed. In the morn after my morning constitutions I can weigh 77.5 whi h of course makes me feel great. I may never be a normal BMI but I am healthier in this my body. I have a flat lower tummy and hopes to have breast lift or reduction if the surgeon agrees and my HMO pays as I do not have the money to pay.
    Every scar on my body tells a story (open surgeries b/f laps) and I am proud of every scar!
    Oh yeah-eating and food-since being in hospital since 12Sep after my Abdominoplasty on 8.8 and my complications of a small gangrene and wound dehiscence,I get three meals a day and lunch I get meat and mashed potatoes.
    I am not perfect and try to get my protein,vitamins and water in.
    Thank GD the docs in the hospital are doing their best to help me to not have to go home with a Wound Vac machine whi h is why I am still in hospital.


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