Monday, July 04, 2011

Chained to my Keyboard


I've been chained to my keyboard lately. But apparently I haven't been typing blog posts! My Spring term at college seriously kicked my butt (how many times have you heard that about other various terms at school?) and my annual involvement in the boss' golf outing as the resident graphic designer added to the butt kicking. Put in a month or two straight of 90+ hour weeks and you'd be ready for a break too. I've taken the past week as a chance to catch my breath, dig out my house of weeks of neglected housework and tried to do some sun-worshipping and beach-sitting.

And now I'm beginning the Summer term at school and looking at my schedule is making me shudder. 15 credit hours? What was I thinking?! Wish me luck as I try to test out of a couple of those classes. If I survive this summer's class load... I will be an official college graduate on September 15, 2011.

For the past several months my life has revolved around becoming a graphic designer. Many of my new tasks at work have a lot to do with designing and school obviously is all about design. Plus I'm working on a new group project venture that is throwing me into the deep end of the graphic design swimming pool.

It's interesting how WLS is your whole life in the first couple of years after we have surgery. We can't seem to imagine a life without having everything revolve around being healthy and losing weight and living this new life. But eventually there's a switch that gets flipped and you find yourself smack dab in the middle of "real life" again and WLS is no longer the center of your universe. Right now my world seems to be revolving around finishing school and doing everything I can to be the best graphic designer I can be so I'm ready for a career change in the next year or less. It's exciting. It's exhausting. But mostly, it's exciting.

So a couple things I'm sure you have been wondering about regarding WLS ...

  • No, the book isn't done yet. I estimate I have about another 12 to 18 hours of solid work to put into it. It's 100% written, but the edits need to be applied and the bibliography needs to be transcribed from a pile of notes and some charts/tables need to be created within a couple chapters. At this point I see no clear light at the end of the tunnel. This project has officially taken me 6 months longer than I thought it would and I'm officially tired of not having it done. I promise it'll be done eventually, I just don't have a publication date for it yet. 
  • Even with all the stress and hectic schedules going on I have maintained my weight (oooo... big surprise, huh?). Poor eating or excellent eating doesn't seem to make the scale move. Unfortunately the eating hasn't always been perfect, but overall it hasn't been too bad. 
  • I could definitely do a better job of taking all the doses of my vitamins and drinking more water than coffee. 
  • My reactive hypoglycemia is pissing me off right now. I had a pretty bad blood glucose crash about a week ago (that scared me a lot since it happened in the middle of the night) and my body still hasn't recovered so I keep having mini crashes for no logical reason. So I'm dealing with some emotions I don't like very much right now regarding the RH. Hope it passes soon. 
I could promise to do a better job of updating the blog but I know that the next couple months are going to be hectic --- more hectic than normal, I think. So all I can do is promise to do my best to keep ya'll updated on what's going on in my WLS world. Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter to hear my ramblings there too. 

Talk to you soon!

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  1. HUGS... Hope you get a good grip on the RH. I can understand your pain.
    Waiting for the book... and waiting...
    But take time... I can wait a bit longer..
    Hala B.


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