Friday, June 03, 2011

Series of WLS Articles You Should Read

I've mentioned here before that I follow the blog written by Dr. Arya Sharma, a doctor who treats morbidly obese patients, is an obesity researcher and professor in Canada. He stands out in the crowd of obesity scientists with a strong message of living a healthy life and also support bariatric surgery when it is necessary for morbidly obese patients. And he's a man after my own heart because he tends to post a lot of information about medical journal studies and recent findings related to obesity.

It's rare to find a doctor who actually writes a blog and is active in the online community with his opinions and research. I've followed him for several years and I always learn great stuff from him.

He has just finished up an excellent series of articles -- two series, in fact -- and I wanted to share the links with you. They are worth the read!

Why I Support Bariatric Surgery

Why Bariatric Surgery Can Fail

A few of my other favorite Dr. Sharma articles include:

As you can tell... I love that blog! Go check it out and learn a bunch of cool new stuff!


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