Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Stuff

It has been far too long since I've regularly posted here, I apologize. I'm focused on the light at the end of the tunnel that is 2 weeks away... the end of this semester. Things should lighten up dramatically for me over the summer. Just thought I'd throw some random stuff out to the universe today.
My new Jason Gray t-shirt. 

  • Nikki's visit was amazing! She's a blast to hang out with and we exhausted ourselves by trying to do everything in the world in just 3.5 short days. 
  • Wednesday night in class my graphic design portfolio was due. This was a HUGE project that required monster amounts of time and effort. Turning it in was a major stress reliever. I've got one more huge class project to finish by Monday night. Then just a bunch of small things that need to be cranked out. 
  • This summer I'll be taking a very light load at school. Just one 2 credit class and my internship. Need to finalize the details of the intern position and get all that paperwork turned in. Thankfully it's a project that I was able to choose myself rather than trying to find a company who could work around my day job. This should be fun. 
  • I haven't been cooking lately, so no new recipes for the blog. During Nikki's visit I took some photos of her cooking in my kitchen, so you might get a small sampling of some of the ways we played with food last weekend. 
  • Gas prices are going to be the death of me. I drive 150 miles a day. $4/gal gas is not even funny. 
  • Michigan's weather is starting to make me angry. It's nearly June and I haven't even gotten out my spring or summer clothes yet. Today I'm wearing a long sleeved thermal shirt because it was cold this morning. Yesterday I wore a sweater. 
  • I have not been doing super great in taking my vitamins like I should be. Also slacking on water intake and managing the balance of protein/carbs/fats. I think this is pretty common for someone who is 3.5 to 4 years post-op. These things can slip so easily. I need to do a better job. In fact... I just took a dose of calcium right now as I'm typing this since I reminded myself to behave. 
  • Big project coming up at work - actually I'm in the midst of it already. The annual golf outing for the boss is June 21 and I'm handling all the graphic design work for it. So print orders need to be submitted to the sign company in about 10 days. Yikes! 
  • I'm already scheduling beach time! You know me, my favorite spot in the world is on a beach with my toes tucked into hot sand while lounging in a beach chair with my Nook. I'd like to be parked in my favorite spot at least every other weekend. We'll see if I can pull that off. 
  • I've been wearing my GoWearFit lately (it's now called Body Media Fit, but I can't ever remember to call it that). I'm still on track with my calorie burning range. I burn about 2000-2400 almost every single day depending on my activity level. I've been eating around 1200-1400 calories, so I'm always in a deficit. If only that would result in lost pounds, but oh well. I'm maintaining my weight with no gains or losses, so that's good, right?  :-) 
Thanks enough rambling for now. Hopefully soon I'll be back in the groove and be posting regularly again. 


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