Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rest in Peace Sweet Kitty

Georgie died today.  For a cat that I didn't like very much... I sure am sad that she's gone. I'll miss her.

She's been sick but was getting better and finally eating and gaining weight. (Remember this update? My Spoiled Cat.) She finally progressed back to cat food recently and was getting back to her old self again. 

She was fine this morning and sat with me at the computer like she always does. Then this afternoon I found her in distress under the table. She died a few minutes later. I suspect she had a stroke or seizure or something like that. But thankfully she didn't suffer long.

It'll be strange to come home and not be meowed at or to stand at the bathroom sink getting ready for work in the morning and not have my toes licked or laid on. Sitting at my computer tonight, it seems odd that I'm not being annoyed by the ever-present cat on my lap or sitting atop the back of my chair purring loudly in my ear. She didn't seem mind much that I would never have enough time to give her all the attention she wanted, she weaseled her way under my hand for forced-petting often enough to get her way most of the time. She was a happy cat and would make that fact known by her incessantly loud purring. 

Rest in peace, sweet kitty.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty dieing, it's never easy to lose a pet, even when they become irritating! In an incredible coincidence, yesterday we adopted a kitten from the SPCA whom my daughter has called Jorge (George), and who looks remarkably like your Georgie... check out my facebook photo - janenenz. Spooky how similar they are!

  2. I'm sorry, Pam. I truly am. I am an absolute cat lover and we have have four right now. We had to have one put down back in the spring and it was heartbreaking to me. I'm very sorry for you loss.
    Hugs. :)

  3. @Janene - Wow! That's amazing! God works is wonderful and mysterious ways. This reminds me of the song by Jack Johnson called "If I Could" -- watch the video:

  4. Pam! I am so sorry. I just had to make the choice 4 days ago to take my Phoebe girl, my cat of 17 years, in and send her to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart goes out to you. I have spent very little time at my house the past several days because it just doesn't seem like home now. I very much understand. My prayers will be sent up for you.


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