Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin & Apple Farms

One of the things I love most about Michigan is the fall harvest. There's an abundance of farms who open their front doors and welcome the neighbors to enjoy the harvest. While I was vacationing last weekend I stopped at three wonderful places - two pumpkin farms and an apple orchard. The pumpkin farms were stops along the way from the Mackinaw Trolley Color Tour (photos from that tour coming soon). Then the apple orchard was a stop I made on the way home.

(Click on the photos below to see them larger.)

First stop was Pond Hill Farm in Harbor Springs, MI. There were pumpkins and squash and fresh vegetables to buy plus a huge selection of canned goods. I bought some of those goodies -- pickled zucchini, blueberry jam, raw honey and garlic pepper jelly. There were even pig races for the kids (and adults) to enjoy.


Next stop was the Pumpkin Barn in Levering, MI. It was just a small family-owned operation with a selection of pumpkins, gourds and apples - but it was a lovely little spot in the woods. There were these tiny homemade donuts and warm spiced apple cider - of course I had to have a taste test.


And finally I made a detour on the drive home so I could visit this apple orchard. The Knaebe Apple Orchard and Cider Mill was brimming with people! First I was enthralled with the drive down a country road to get to the orchard - it was lined with beautiful old trees that were at the peek of their color. Absolutely gorgeous. Once I arrived the roads were lined with cars because the parking area was full. Walking up to the main building I strolled passed the rows and rows of apple trees. Bright red and green apples were still growing on the branches. The general store was packed with delicious homemade goodies and apple-themed accessories. The back room had crates and crates filled with one apple variety after another. I picked up some of my favorites - Macintosh. Everyone was going crazy for the Honeycrisps, of course. Out back there was a petting zoo and children were enjoying the hayride. I nabbed a cup of hot cider and enjoyed the beauty of the orchard before I left.


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