Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hypoglecemia Sucks

I hate feeling like a freak... Like I'm somehow not normal. I can go long stretches of time when life just goes along all happy-go-lucky and I'm living in Normalville. Then suddenly I'm slapped back to Realityville and reminded that I can't be like everyone else. 

Tonight our Print Production class went on a field trip to a printing company and about halfway through the tour I knew I was having a blood sugar crash. I left the tour and headed for my car where I tested my blood and ate a granola bar (which was all I had available). Count was 42. 

Fast forward an hour and I'm feeling foggy headed and tired but figured it was just after effects. I was driving and on the phone with my mom and I told her what happened.

Scolding occurred. A granola bar isn't enough... I shouldn't be driving without substantial food... Instructed to pull over and eat... I obey. So here I sit in the parking lot of Wendy's eating a plain chicken breast that cost me nearly $5, is too dry so I'm choking it down and my pouch is screaming at me that it does NOT want food. But still I eat it. 

I didn't eat unhealthy today.  Everything I ate today was good for me. But I screwed up at lunch and forgot to pack the canned chicken that should have gone on my salad... Before class I tried making up for the carby lunch by having a light dinner heavy on protein. So even thought I ate healthy, my meals were not BALANCED properly within the context of each meal. Which reliably brings on a crash and surprises me every time because I was "behaving."

So I'm blogging in the parking lot of Wendy's while I wait for the fogginess in my head to clear so I can drive home which is an hour away. 

Yeah... Hypoglycemia sucks!

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