Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Sometimes I'm naughty and indulge is things like this. I make no claims to being perfect ... How boring would that be anyway?  Because most of the time I make good, healthy, sensible choices, I'm able to splurge once in a while on things like this. Today happens to be a day designed for german chocolate cake cupcakes.
Wait wait wait ... It gets better.

The frosting on top is a light and cloudy mousse and when I dug in for my first bite I discovered that the traditional coconut frosting was hidden on the inside. OMG!

Ok getting back to the rest of the deliciousness. (Yes I plan to eat the whole thing.)

You may be wondering how someone with reactive hypoglycemia can eat a sugar-laden cupcake and not have a blood sugar crash.

About 20 minutes after I finished eating this little slice of heaven, I had a couple cheesesticks to soak up a bit of that sugar. It gave me just enough of a protein boost and just enough fat to balance out the high-sugar treat.

Nope, I'm not advocating that everyone do this little stunt. This was a once-in-a-while indulgence and one I made while being fully aware of the rest of my day's eating plan and how adjustments were going to be made to accommodate the cupcake. I stayed within my calorie range for the day and a heavy-protein plan for the rest of the day brought everything back into line by the end of the night.


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